Beat Back Autism

The power of music branches beyond the benefits of a simple beat. The rhythmic tones and communal nature of playing with a group can help relieve stress, or provide a creative outlet for those in need. However, recent studies in the positive effect of drumming have shown an ability to reach people with Autism. Reverend Jim Billington, the pioneer of this program, witnessed some amazing transitions in the children who put aside their fears and picked up a drum.

Dr Gregory CaseyHidden Wings is a bastion of care for those in need. Co-founded by Jim Billington, this institution’s mission has always been the safe and effective treatment of Autistic youths. It’s precisely this dream that allowed Reverend Billington to reach out and contact sound designers for his kids. The Comfort Sound Technology, designed to prevent overstimulation through manipulating sound waves, has seen tremendous success among the kids. Reverend Billington, the father of two autistic children, has first-hand experience with the soothing power of music.

Billington found that after implementing the musical component into his program, youths began to form friendships through their music. The natural sense of community born from their shared experience was astounding. Children, suffering in silence, were given a means to communicate. Personalities blossomed during their time to play in the drum circle , and shy glances turned to smiles within the first hours of play.

Played to the sound of the human heartbeat, the tune relaxes and soothes. Children who’ve spent their entire lives without making eye-contact, raised their gaze from the floor during their drum session, and found friends for the first time. For those looking to feel the music, participants can lay underneath the instrument and feel the waves as they pass over your. The unique blend of percussion, both audible and physical, is instantly relaxing to any who choose to do so. Comfort Sound Technology looks to bridge the gap between those suffering with Autism, and their loved ones who are desperately trying to reach them. Reverend Billington’s program is a shining success, and a milestone in the fight against Autism.