5 Facts About Metallica

1. Darren Aronofsky created the music video for ‘The View,’ which is the only single released from Metallica’s collaboration with Lou Reed.


2. Lars Ulrich is an avid art collector. In 2008, he sold a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting ‘(Untitled) Boxer’ for $13.5 million that he actually owned.


3. Bassist Robert Trujillo formed the outfit Mass Mental in 1998 while he was in Ozzy Osbourne’s band.

Dr. gregory Casey

4. Metallica’s first appearance on an album was misspelled as ‘Mettallica’ for their performance of ‘Hit the Lights’ on Metal Blade’s, ‘Metal Massacre.

Dr. Gregory Casey

5.Lars Ulrich has only been recorded playing drums for one other band. Ulrich lent his skills to the track ‘Return of the Vampire in 1993.